Rare Rajnikant

Back with the Rajnikant facts!! This time some new ones!!

1. If Rajnikanth Was Born 200 Years Ago Britishers Would’ve Fought For Independence.
2. Why Rajnikanth Doesn’t Participate In Olympics? Bcz There’s No Platinum Medal.
3. Alfred Nobel Was Nominated For Rajnikanth Award.4. Black Cats Die When They Cross Rajnikanth On Street.
5. When Rajnikanth Enters Different States, Roaming Pay Rajnikanth.
6. Wherever Rajanikanth Goes, Telecom Minister Follows Him.
7. Rajnikantn Inserts His Visiting Card In Any ATM & Collects Cash.
8. Rajnikanth Was Using 4G In Nokia 1100 Since 1947.
9. Rajnikanth Is Thinking Of Changing His Name To “Rajnikan”, Bcz It’s Been Proved That There’s Not Anything Which “Rajni Can’t.!”.
Last n best 1 🙂
10. Rajnikanth Was Born On 30th Feburary & Since Then February Decided Not To Give This Birthday To Anybody Else.

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