Couple gave counseling a shot !

A husband and wife pulled guns on each other and shot it out at church during a marriage counseling session after he arrived late, drinking a beer. Both were wounded. With a beer in one hand and a gun in the other, Michael Martin shot his wife as she tried to walk out of the meeting at St. James Episcopal Cathedral, their counselor said.
A bleeding Bonnie Martin pulled a pistol from her purse and shot her husband in the shoulder. The two took the gunbattle outside, where Bonnie Martin collapsed and was fired on again. Michael Martin allegedly hit his wife at least once more before he ran out of bullets. “They were arguing.
It was your typical domestic dispute. Then the fireworks started. It`s a good thing that he had been drinking because he could have hit her more,” said the Rev. Bud Searcy. He was a lousy shot.”

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