One day, a Smartie and a Polo were having a drink in the pub…

Suddenly the pub door swings open and in walks a Humbug.

?Fuck me? shouts Polo, and immediately dives under the table.

?What the fuck are you doing that for?? says Smartie.

?That humbug always gives me a right good kicking whenever I see

him, so I?m hiding from him? says Polo.

?You should stand up to him? says Smartie. ?He?ll respect you more

if you do?

Sure enough, the humbug walks over and gives the Polo a right slap.

?Fuck off you stripy wanker, or I?ll knock the fucking shit out of

you? says Polo.

?Hey, no problem man, can I buy you a drink? says Humbug.

?Told you so? says Smartie.

The next night Polo and Smartie are sitting in the pub again, when in

walks Humbug with his mate, Tune.

?Fuck me? shouts Polo again diving under the table.

?What the fuck are you doing that for again? says Smartie.

?I know you said stand up to bullies, but thats Tune? says Polo.

?So what?? says Smartie.

?He?s fucking menthol? says Polo.

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