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Who befooled who?

Once Banta went to Bombay. While passing through a road he saw a very high building.
He was amazed to see it, and decided to count its stories. As he was doing so a townsman saw him and tried to befool him.
So he approached Banta and asked, “What are you doing?”
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Santa`s padlock…

Santa was coming home after a latenight boozing. He lived alone and locked his house whenever he went out.
As he neared his house, he took out his key to open the lock but he could not manage to put the key into the hole. After trying this repeatedly, he was tired.
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Parking fine!

Banta was in court charged with parking his car in a restricted area. The judge asked him, if he had anything to say in his defence.

“They should not put up such misleading notices,” said Banta.

Ancestors`communication network!

An American and a Russian archaeologist were bragging to Santa. The Russian said that while digging an ancient ruin in Russia, he came across some thick cables; therefore he claimed that Russians had the telegraph system long before it was invented.
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Skipping medicine!

Santa went to a doctor to get some medicine, as he was not feeling well.

“This is pretty strong stuff,” said the doctor, “So take some first day, then skip a day, take some again and then skip another day and so on.”
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Thirty years in the well

Banta: “My grandfather s watch fell in a well and when it was found after 30 years, it was still keeping correct time”
Santa: “So what is so great about it? Once my grandfather himself fell into a well, and after thirty years when he was taken out, he was still alive.”
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