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While in London

Santa went to Banta s house and said, “Oye Banteya, lets go to London”
Banta replied “Yes Santa, par mainu English nahin aandi” (I can t speak English)
Santa assures Banta that his English skills are better than average, and that he d take care of him in London. Santa and Banta reach London, and pretty soon are sauntering down the middle of a fairly busy road!
A Gori Mem(blonde) pulls up behind them in her Austin Princess and starts of in English …… Oh Man! ,,, You are jay-walking BLAH BLAH don t you have any regard For the traffic rules in this country … etc.. etc..
Santa turns around, looks at the Gori Mem, and Starts rattling off the following at a fairly brisk Pace.
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Santa and Banta were always boasting of their parents’ achievements to each other.
Santa: Have you ever heard of the Suez Canal?
Banta: Yes, I have
Santa: Well, my father dug it.
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The missing link …

Having lost his donkey, Santa got down to his knees and started thanking God.
A passerby saw him and asked, “Your donkey is missing; what are you thanking God for ?”
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Once Santa is traveling by train. On his way, he feels the urge to go to the bathroom. So he goes and opens the bathroom door, which happens to have a mirror in the front. The Santa thinks there is someone in there, quickly shuts the door and returns to his seat.
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Landing Problem

Once Santa and Banta try to land an airplane in the States. They start descending and as they touch the ground Santa screams, the runway is ending…”.
Banta swiftly gets the plane back up in the air… They make a big turn and start descending again. The moment they touch the ground, Santa screams again “Get the plane up, the runaway is ending…”.
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Sun Downer

Santa: “Yaar, where does the Sun go at night?”
Banta “It does not go anywhere. It remains there but due to darkness we cannot see it.