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The mommies!

A custody battle in Santa Ana, CA, took an unusual turn when the mother of a 3-year-old girl claimed the girl`s father is actually a woman. Kristie Vecchione, 27, said her husband became a man through sex-change operations more than 20 years ago.

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Set free!

Jail officials in Linn County, OR, have banned underwear for male inmates, explaining that it costs too much money to replace T-shirts and drawers, which keep disappearing.
Sherrif Dave Burright said some items were flushed down the toilet, resulting in a $200 bill to unclog the sewer lines.
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Holy tooth! Batman!

Singing hymns and praying for peace and luck, thousands of Buddhists greeted a holy tooth believed to have belonged to Buddha when it arrived in Taiwan.
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Watching ER pays off !

After setting sail on a solo voyage around the world, Peter Goss, 35, said an inflamed tendon in his arm began causing problems.

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Close to home!

GARY, Indiana – Last Monday FBI agents busted a $1,000-a-day cocaine ring being run out of City Hall, allegedly by the city`s chief computer programer and its payroll clerk.
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The palestinians took them!

The Israeli Ambassador is sitting down with Yassir Arafat to try to work out a peace agreement. The Ambassador asks if he might first tell a story. Arafat tells him to go ahead.
The Ambassador begins.
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