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I do….but to who?

About four years ago David Weinlick, 28, Minneapolis, got tired of people asking him when he was going to get married, so he started to answer, “June 13, 1998.” It became part of his shtick.
Only one thing is missing from his upcoming wedding: a bride.

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Give em a hand!

A team of Latvian doctors claimed a new world record after reattaching four severed hands in just five days.
According to the Baltic News Service, three of the patients had their hands cut off by saws while chopping down trees.
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Baltimore, Maryland – A 15-year-old girl was briefly suspended from school for casting a spell on a fellow student.
Jamie Schoonover acknowledges she practices witchcraft, as does her mother, but both say Jamie would never cast an evil spell on anyone, even if she knew how.

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Powerful coincidence!

Almost all of Nevada City, CA, lost power for 30 minutes this spring when a branch blew off a tree and hit a Pacific Gas & Electric power line.
The Grass Valley Union newspaper reported the outage delayed the trial of PG&E for failing to trim vegetation around power lines as required by the state.

Wedding day blues!

Pakistan announced a ban on lavish wedding feasts. Explaining such celebrations cause financial hardships for the poor and middle classes, lawmakers voted in May to restrict families to a wedding meal at home for relatives and house guests.
Larger gatherings can take place at hotels and clubs outside the home, but no food may be served — only hot and cold non-alcoholic drinks.

Couple gave counseling a shot !

A husband and wife pulled guns on each other and shot it out at church during a marriage counseling session after he arrived late, drinking a beer. Both were wounded. With a beer in one hand and a gun in the other, Michael Martin shot his wife as she tried to walk out of the meeting at St. James Episcopal Cathedral, their counselor said.
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