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No luck with a tow truck

It started out as just a simple fender-bender but a couple of hours later the driver, Chinnamma Sebastian, 49, Philadelphia, PA, wound up in a hospital in critical condition with multiple injuries.

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Blew up my lung !

When a 24-year-old man showed up at a British hospital emergency room with chest pains, doctors also heard a loud crunching sound each time his heart beat and felt air bubbles under his skin. According to the British Medical Journal, the patient disclosed that the day before he had blown up about 20 party balloons.

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Well, it worked !!

Norias, Texas – Six men believed to be illegal aliens from Mexico were killed by a freight train while sleeping on the tracks.
“The train crew saw some debris on the tracks,” said Letty Garza, a spokeswoman for the Border Patrol.
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Thousands of men lined up in northern Germany last week to take part in extensive saliva testing in a search for the pedophile killer of an 11-year-old girl.

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Like a hole in the head !!

Travis Bogumill, a construction worker in Eau Claire, Wis., was shot with a nail gun that drove a 3 1/4 inch nail all the way into his skull, and the only difference he can see is that he`s not quite the math whiz he used to be.
A co-worker accidentally bumped his head with the gun, and the nail went in so deep that the only thing visible was a small hole in Bogumill`s scalp.
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Bouncing baby boy

3-year-old Lateef Wise, Philadelphia, PA, was left home alone last week. At about 9:30 a.m., the frightened and crying boy pushed out the screen of an open window. Then he fell from the apartment, bounced off an air conditioner protruding from a second floor window and landed on a narrow amazingly got up, began to cry and started strip of grass. After hitting the ground Lateef walking around.

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