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Not the smartest Idiot!!

Gavin Cole of Dublin got onto a bus with three packets of heroin safely hidden in his pocket. You`d have to be a real idot to take the packets out while sitting right there on the bus with everyone else. He did this because he`s a bonehead! And while this is stupid enough it just happened that the man sitting next to him was an off-duty drug squad officer.
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Sow Cruel!!

A 31-year-old Vietnamese woman, Phan Thi Hien, forced her 10-year-old stepson to stitch up his moutha as punishment for stealing 200 dong (1.3 cents).
The boy was beaten severly and given a needle and thread by his stepmother and was forced to sew his lips together, while she stood watch over him.

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$3000,000 for a party!!!

Frivolous Lawsuit Department – A Canadian woman drank too much at the office Christmas party, then declined the company`s offer for a cab ride home. Of course, she got into a serious wreck on the way home. which resulted in brain damage. And now, an Ontario court ordered a company to pay $300,000 for hosting the party.

Dead ahead !!

dead woman gained enough votes to advance to a runoff for the Democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate, leaving political experts puzzled and her party wondering what to do if she wins. Jacquelyn Morrow Lewis Ledgerwood died of a heart attack at age 69 on July 15, too close to the election to have her name taken off the ballot.
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Dying for a soda ??

A man whose son was crushed to death by a soda vending machine has filed a $500,000 wrongful-death lawsuit against the company that manufactured the machine. The 27-year-old man apparently rocked the machine, which fell, pinning him against a wall and crushing his chest.
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Ankara, Turkey – Under Turkish law, women can be fined up to a quarter of their salaries for appearing in public with their heads covered with cloth. To sidestep the law, women in central Turkey`s Islamic strongholds have been buying and wearing wigs, in hospitals and state offices.