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Gorilla enjoys brief roam!

cabout 280 pounds, had the run of the park and feasted on bananas and apples, zoo officals said.
But the bid for freedom by the 24-year-old “gentle giant” was ended after about 60 minutes by a tranquilizer dart and minutes later she fell asleep in a nearby men’s room. No-one was hurt or injured in the incident.


Singe Soren, the Woman Sarpanch(Village head) of Badapalasa was unseated because she gave birth to her third child.
According to the Law which came into effect on December 31, 1995; it amounts to disqualification of Municipal Councilors and Panchayat members who produce a third child, and it just took the petition in Mayurbhanj district court to remove Singe from her Sarpanch seat.
Progeny sometimes spoils the political careers.

Cool way to conquer fear !

Fan of Titanic star Leonardo DiCaprio, David Blaine, last year buried himself underwater in a plexiglass coffin for a week and survived. Now he encased himself in a six-tonne block of ice and hoped to come out unscathed 58 hours later i.e. two and a half-day.
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To protect self respect!!

An educated woman from Margao city (Panaji, Goa (India)) urinated in the office of the sanitary inspector in Margao in protest against dirty public toilets. She said she urinated in his chamber, in his absence, to make him realize that public toilets were overflowing. The municipality was not cleaning them, though complaints were made to the authorities earlier.

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Chew your food!!

More and more baby food is being consumed by adults. Ten percent of the production of major German baby food manufacturer is sold to households without children. People of all ages and from all walks of life love milk pudding and stewed fruit prepared for babies.

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Bush Issue Executive Order gagging Clinton!

In a move that clearly indicates just how frustrated George W. Bush is with the fact that former President Clinton is continuing to dominate the headlines, Bush issued an Executive Order that effectively forces Clinton to stop talking or doing anything that might garner media attention.

The Executive Order issued by Bush requires that Clinton not communicate in public in any way including “talking, writing, use of an electronic device, or pantomime”.

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