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A popular whore house was visited by a lesbian….

A popular whore house was visited by a lesbian. The lesbian requested a 15
year old, and the madam replied
“I’m sorry, we don’t serve minors to lickers.”

What does a lesbian have in common with a mechanic?

A: Snap-on tools!

Why should we feel bad for the gay homeless population?

A: None of them have closets to come out of.

The first time in the gay bar

A belligerent drunk walks into a bar and hollers:
“I can lick any man in the place!”
The nearest customer looks him up and down,
then says: “Crude, but direct. Tell me, is this your
first time in a gay bar?”

Two homosexuals were talking when…

Two homosexuals were talking when one of them happened to
mention that he had gotten circumcised last week.
“Can I see it?” asked the second gay homosexual, so he promptly
dropped his pants to show off his cock.
“Oooh,” squealed his friend, “You look ten years younger!”

A worried patient went to his psychiatrist…

A worried patient went to his psychiatrist.
“I’m in love with my horse,” he said.
“But that’s nothing,” replied the shrink. “A lot of people love animals.
For instance, my wife and I have a dog that we love very much.”
“Ah, but doctor,” the patient replied.

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