I was stopped by the cops in a control, and one of the officers was convinced that I was drunk. I had to answer some questions, which would determine whether I was under the influence, or sober.

Cop: “If you are driving on a road and see two lights, what is it?” “A car, I think” I replied.

“OK, but is it a Chrysler, GM, or Buick?”

“No clue,” I replied.

“You’re drunk!” he said.

I shook my head slightly, being caught off guard.

“But if you meet one light then!?” he asked.

“Probably a motorcycle,” I replied.

“OK, but is it a Honda, BMW, or a Suzuki?”

“No clue!” I replied.

“You’re drunk!” he said again.

Now I was a little angry, and asked the arrogant officer, a question: “If you see a woman at a corner, with fishnet-stockings, mini-skirt, high-heeled shoes, and lots of makeup, what can it be?”

“Haaa! the cop said,” It is of course a wh*re!”

“Correct…,” I replied. “But is it your wife, daughter or mother?”

They seized my drivers license….

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